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Woozles Memories - 1978-2013
People's reflections and memories of Woozles are heartwarming - here are a few of our favourites:
I grew up in Halifax, I was a reader and my dad would bring me to Woozles once every two weeks to pick out something new. I was always amazed by the magical world. First stop was always the stickers (these came out of my allowance) and then there were always wonderful people there to help me pick out the perfect book.

Now, I am a teacher. I have been involved in the Woozles Battle of the Books. I have all of the books from my childhood in my classroom and I get to share the love of reading that Woozles helped instil in me. When I need advice or help finding a specific book, they are still the first people I turn to. Thanks Woozles!

I was graduating from Mount St. Vincent's BAA in Child and Youth Study...1995. I finished my last OJT/practicum, and they gave me a gift certificate for Woozles. I spent an entire afternoon soaking in the whole feel of the store. I never wanted to leave. Finally, I chose "Learning Langauge and Loving It", a Hanan guide for fostering language development in young children. 15 years later, the book is a bit tattered, and I am now teaching college students, and it is a staple in my curriculum!
I like to visit Woozles for a minivacation from the world of the cynical and serious, to a place where love, laughter and learning co-exist in an atmosphere of helpfulness and fun!
I was 3000 miles away from my home in Ireland and very, very lost in Halifax when I accidentally discovered Woozles. I remember stumbling in through the door, soaking wet from the rain that was battering down outside. It took me 5 seconds to realize I had found a magical place, 10 seconds to begin searching through all the books of my childhood, and 2 hours to leave, loaded down with toys and stories for all my friends and family.
I'm 36 now but I remember coming up to Woozles from Cape Breton. It was going to Disney. Collecting stickers was big then and Woozles was the ultimate place to buy stickers. Stickers on the roll were a luxury. Loved coming here. My daughter came today...we've been here an hour now....
Stocking stuffer shopping with a very stressed single was a huge success!
Bringing my two children here for many years who are now in university and won't let me give away any of our Woozles books.
Just sitting in the comfy chair reading the young adult books while my kids play with the trains.
The times my mom would come home when I was little from Halifax and show me the Woozles bag. I knew there would be a cool book or some crazy toy or something I'd love...
Buying stickers, stickers, and more cool stickers! Smelly ones, puffy ones, shiny ones, and oilies!
We came to one of Woozles birthday parties and when we came to the fish pond - the staff said "Oh, it's Waverly" (my daughter) and when Waverly fished, she caught a book in Spanish! The staff had saved it especially for her because they knew she spoke Spanish.
My 6th birthday party! It was in 1979 and it was a star wars party!
Whenever my daughter and I would come to Halifax, this was a mandatory 1-2 hour stop. We saw Dennis Lee and Jean Little here. And now I'm buying for my class and a faraway grand-daughter. I have so many fond memories of Woozles. My mom took me when I was small and when I return to Halifax, I always take my own children. I think my funniest memory is when I made my mom pose with me on the steps of Woozles when my husband and I were on our honeymoon on the East coast. Great pic!
My favourite Woozles story? My sister, Sylvia got $85 in Woozles' money and gave me $15 so I could buy my own two books.
We came to Nova Scotia 35 years ago and five years later were delighted by the opening of Woozles. We shopped there for our children and now shop there fore our grandchildren! In the early years, we bought a copy of Selden's 'Harry Cat's Pet Puppy' and 'The Cricket in Times Square'. Our favourite memory associated with Woozles is seeing the kids' reaction when we took them to Times Square and the saw the Nedicks stand mentioned in the book! Our daughter would make Tucker Mouse's 'Mad Mouse Face' out the window of our car at other drivers on the long drives to New York.
Winning Tower Road School's "I am Canadian" contest and receiving a Gift Certificate for Woozles!!! And coming time after time to painstakingly decide how to spend my precious gift certificate. Now I bring my own kids and feel the same excitement.
I bought "Now We Are Six" for a little girl I babysit. I loved being able to share that memory with her as my parents bought it for me when I was six. It always makes me happy when I come here.

What's your favourite Woozles Memory? Contact us and let us know!